Whitman Program

A Recital on the Poems of Walt Whitman (1819-1892)
(Program subject to change)

SCOTT GUINN, baritone
Carol Zinavage/Tyson Deaton, piano

War Scenes                                                                                                           Ned Rorem
      A Night Battle                                                                                                      (b. 1923)
      Specimen Case
      An Incident
      Inauguration Ball
      The Real War Will Never Get In the Books

Drum Taps                                                                                       Richard Pearson Thomas
      O tan-faced prairie boy                                                                                      (b. 1957)
      Beat! Beat! Drums!                                                                                                          
      A sight in camp
      Dirge for two veterans

Reconciliation                                                                                                        Ned Rorem

Memories of Lincoln                                                                                William H. Neidlinger
Look Down, Fair Moon                                                                                 Charles Naginski

Der ich, in Zwischenräumen, in Äonen und Äonen wiederkehre                          Paul Hindemith
(from Drei Hymen von Walt Whitman)                                                               (1862-1941)

As Adam Early in the Morning                                                                               Ned Rorem
Sometimes With One I Love
To a Stranger                                                                                                      David T. Little
                                                                                                                                  (b. 1978)
Leaves                                                                                                               Craig Urquhart
      Among the Multitude                                                                                            (b. 1953)
      O You Whom I Often and Silently Come
      We Two Boys Together Clinging

Behold This Swarthy Face                                                                                    Gerald Busby
                                                                                                                                  (b. 1934)
We Two                                                                                                  Elinor Remick Warren
Walt Whitman                                                                                                         Charles Ives

***To a Stranger commissioned for this program in part with a grant from the Walt Whitman Project, Greg Trupiano, Artistic Director.***